Remember Here Come The Brides (Hint: Jason, Joshua and Jeremy)? Lyrics Updated For 2019!

The blackest skies you’ll ever see in Seattle
Street puke’s as green as green, in Seattle. 
Like a stoned and zonked child, throwing up drunk and wild. 
Full of coke and full of beers, full of oxy, full of blears, 
Enough meth to last the years, in Seattle.

When you stumble to your tent you will know it.
By the smoke that puts tears in your eyes.
Smell of vomit in the air,
addicts stand around and glare.
Look out everyone, more homicides!!

In case you forgot the original, click below and sing along!

Apologies to Hugo Montenegro, Jack Keller, and most of all to Jason, Joshua and Jeremy

P.S. The following is offered as a public service to all trekkies: Yes, Robert Brown played Lazarus, David Soul played Makora, and Mark Lenard played (and played, and played) Sarek!

Alan Bianco
Alan Bianco

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