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America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet many of us, while still free and brave, cannot exercise all of our God given government provided constitutional rights because the cost of exercising them is beyond our means. This is Un-American and must be corrected. A civil right that cannot be exercised is no civil right at all. We must heed the words of the great social commentator J. T. Kirk, who said, civil rights “must apply to everyone or they mean nothing.”

The United States Supreme Court has found in Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) that the right to an abortion is civil right protected by the U.S. Constitution. While this right is not specifically delineated in the Constitution, the Court held that it can be plainly found in the penumbra of privacy rights protected by substantive due process. A quick reading of the Constitution will show this clear analysis to be clearly correct. Since the right to an abortion (also known as a reproductive health right – strange since reproduction is the one thing every abortion proponent is trying to avoid) is constitutionally protected, it should be available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, that is not the case. An abortion is a complex medical procedure (as well as a time consuming and painful one) that can cost up to $3,275, far beyond the means of many abortees. This is disgraceful. In the 21st Century and in the richest country in human history, a constitutionally protected civil right is financially out of reach for many Americans. This cannot stand!

The obstacle preventing the full exercise of reproductive health rights is the Hyde Amendment, which was named for U.S. representative Henry Hyde of Illinois and signed into law in 1977. This amendment specifically forbids the use of federal funds to pay for an abortion except to save the life of a potential mother, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape. This is Un-American. Everyone should be able to fully exercise all their constitutional rights, reproductive or otherwise, no matter the cost. Repealing the Hyde amendment is the only truly American thing to do. Access to all civil rights must be assured to all. The solution? Pass and adopt a law that I have recently written that I modestly call the Snyde Amendment. Passage of the Snyde Amendment will make America American again, but more importantly, it will make America free again .

The Snyde Amendment is an omnibus law that will eliminate all economic barriers to the full and free exercise of all civil rights. Here are some of the law’s provisions:

1. It will repeal, once and for all time, the Hyde amendment.

2. It will guarantee everyone’s right to reproductive health by requiring the cost of all abortions to be borne by the Federal government. Since all men (and, in this case, women) are equal under the law, free abortions will be provided to any abortee, regardless of their financial status, legal status or location. No financial, residency, or citizenship questions will be asked, as these questions would constitute unwarranted governmental interference in the exercise of a civil right. Since reproductive rights must be liberally construed and not restricted, the number of federally funded abortions available to each abortee will be limited only by the practical fact that no one needs more than one abortion per month. Hence, the Snyde amendment will provide one free abortion, costing up to $3,275, every month to everyone.

3. The Snyde amendment will be inclusive of all people and assure that everyone is equal under the law. Free abortions will be available not only to U.S. citizens, but also to legal residents, undocumented immigrants, and non-citizen working families worldwide. (Excluding non-citizen working families residing outside of the United States would not, by definition, be inclusive or treat everyone equally under the law.)

4. The Snyde amendment will be inclusive of all civil rights and protect them as well. Here are a few examples:

a. It will protect the free exercise of the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This civil right permits citizens to protect themselves, and reprotect themselves, as often as necessary so they will can remain alive and healthy. Hence, right to bear arms is really a reprotective health right. Furthermore, it is not a penumbra right, an unnamed privacy right, nor is it a right hidden in the nebulous concept of substantive due process. IT is unambiguously and plainly stated in the Second Amendment. As such, reprotective health rights should be accorded the same legal weight as reproductive health rights. My amendment will guarantee this equality by permitting everyone (again, citizens, legal residents, undocumented immigrants, and working families worldwide) to exercise their constitutional right to reprotective health by funding their purchase, every month, of an enumerated weapon, such as a pistol, rifle, shotgun, knife, nunchaku, blackjack, assault weapon, cannon, rocket propelled grenade launcher, sword, howitzer, flame thrower, or mortar. Everyone will be able to obtain a weapon of their choice (The government will not infringe on a weapon acquiree’s right to choose. ). Reprotective rights will be funded in the same amount as reproductive rights; everyone will receive a government check for $3,275 every month to acquire a weapon of their choice.

b. Since the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, free press, to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government (rights also unambiguously and plainly identified in the amendment), these rights, which permit the transmission and retransmission of ideas and concepts to others (i.e. retransmittive rights) must also be protected. The Snyde Amendment will protect everyone’s civil retransmittive rights. Anyone (again, citizens, legal residents, undocumented immigrants, and non-citizen working families worldwide) who desires to exercise their constitutionally protected retransmittive right to purchase a newspaper, radio or TV station, will have the cost of the purchase borne entirely by the Federal government. (Since the First Amendment clearly and specifically states that retransmittive rights to the press are free, payments under this section will not be limited to $3,275 per month per person. After all, if the purchase of a press outlet costs any-thing, that press is not, by definition, free.)

c. It will assure that everyone can exercise their constitutionally protected right to travel (i.e. The constitutionally protected right to relocate). While relocation rights are not expressly specified in the constitution, the Supreme Court has found this right (as they similarly found abortion rights) is implied in there, somewhere. This civil right was defined in Paul v. Virginia, 75 U.S. 168 (1869), which held that the “right of free ingress into other States, and egress from them” is a civil right guaranteed to all. To assure that everyone (again citizens, legal residents, undocumented immigrants, and non-citizen working families worldwide) can exercise their constitutional relocation rights to ingress and egress different states, the Snyde amendment will provide a monthly allowance of $3,275 to be used for the purchase of a(n) automobile, airplane, train, bicycle, tricycle, barge, unicycle, trolley, moped, motorcycle, tram, scooter (powered or unpowered), boat, bus, autogiro, spacecraft, rickshaw, monorail, lighter than air ship (including blimps, dirigibles and zeppelins) or helicopter. To further assure that constitutional relocation rights are fully protected and not restrained by the several states, the Snyde amendment will require that the Federal government reimburse everyone for all driver licensing fees, auto registration fees, tolls, traffic tickets, tips to squeegee men, ferry charges, and all state or local ad valorem taxes on any passenger carrying vehicle. These payments will assure that no one can ever again deprived of their constitutionally protected right to relocation.

d. The most important feature of the Snyde Amendment will be its protection of our most cherished civil right, freedom of religion (A right also specifically mentioned in the First Amendment). Throughout history, all believers (except early Christians) required a house of worship in which to practice heir faith. Since a house of worship is necessary for the practice of a religion, the Snyde Amendment will provide every American believer (again citizens, legal residents, undocumented immigrants, and non-citizen working families worldwide) with a tax-free monthly stipend of $3,275. This stipend must be donated to the stipend recipient’s house of worship (church, synagogue, mosque, candi, wiccan circle) to insure it will remain and open and available to all worshipers. As the Snyde Amendment is an inclusive law, non-believers will also receive a monthly stipend of $3,275 that, in their case, can be used to purchase alcohol, drugs (legal or illegal), snuff, women of easy virtue, poker chips, pari-mutuel betting slips, bingo cards, cigarettes or cigars. Because their stipend paid to non-believers will not be used for religious purposes, it will be taxable to them.

The Snyde Amendment will be costly, but will be funded by a tax on the more fortunate among us. The tax will be levied on the following resources commonly owned or used by the rich: homes valued over $1,000,000; stock portfolios valued over $500,000; yachts valued over $50,000; autos valued over $50,000; all second, third, fourth, etc. homes regardless of value; airplanes valued over $10,000; clothing valued over $10,000; all first class, orchestra or box seat tickets of any kind; all swimming pools, spas and hot tubs; furniture valued over $10,000; all massages and pedicures; all services of a prostitute (legal or illegal); all foreign bank accounts; all commercial and foreign real estate; jewelry valued at over $5,000; all precious metals; incomes of over $200,000; sound systems valued over $2,000; all domestic help; all personal trainers; and all spouses rated higher than a 7.

To assure adequate revenue, because they have profited from white privilege for over 200 years and because America is a nation committed to social justice, the tax rate paid by white males will be twice the rate paid by everyone else.

Support the Snyde Amendment. It will make America a free land, as well as land of the free again!

The Omega Glory
I.e. Without cost.