The Champ versus The Gramp

The President’s They Are a-changin', Apologies to Mr. Dylan

The Time and The Event:

On May 18, 1914, in Tangier Morocco, Sultan Ahmed-al-Raisuni captured American Ion Hanford Perdicaris and his stepson, Cromwell Varley. Raisuni demanded a ransom of $70,000 and control of two of Morocco’s wealthiest districts before he would free the hostages.

The President's Response:

On May 19, 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt ordered a naval squadron of seven ships to Tangiers.
On June 22, 1994, Secretary of State John Hay issued an ultimatum demanding: Perdicaris alive or Raisuni dead!

The Results:

SUCCESS: On June 24, 1904, The Sultan released the Perdicaris. He also paid the United States $74,000 to cover its expenses.

But That Was Then!!!
* * *
This Is Now?

The Time and The Event:

On October 7, 2023, American Gadi Haggai (along with eight other Americans) was kidnapped by the Hamas government of the Gaza Strip.

The President's Response:

Beginning on October 8, 2023 (Biden doesn’t wake up until 8:00 am EST.), Biden chastises Israel (not Hamas), urging them to be more surgical and to respond proportionally. (Does he mean for the IDF to attack several villages, rape most of the small girls, cook a live girl in the oven while raping said girl’s mother, and then shoot the mother to death? Well. . that would be proportional!). 
Biden also demands that Israel (not Hamas) allow food, water and, tunnel building materials to be brought into the battle zone for the terrorists, not the Israelis! 

The Results:

FAILURE: Haggai is murdered by Hamas.
ADDITIONAL FAILURE: His body is not returned!
ADDITIONAL POKE IN THE EYE: Biden and his wife are “heartbroken” at the events.

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