Recently, reactionary, right-wing, usually white activists have surreptitiously opened numerous so called “Charter” schools in minority neighborhoods. These schools which, until recently, have slipped under the radar, allege that they provide minority children with a superior education, set them on the track for higher education and vastly increase their chances at financial success, and success in life. And, by eliminating unionization, “Charter” schools also allege they accomplish all of the above at a fraction of the cost of “normal” education.

MOL researchers have discovered that while all of the above allegations are correct, “Charter” schools are an existential threat to American society as a whole, to the “normal” education system, and to my favorite, but increasingly shrinking, American minority, white males over 25 who own property (WMO25), in particular.

Let’s examine the problem. It is true that schools in minority neighborhoods are, as alleged by “Charter” schools, pieces of crap. It is also true that, because of these neighborhood schools, most minority children never have the opportunity to reach their full potential or to achieve educational, and subsequent life success. 

So What!

Educating minority children is fine, as far as it goes, but it will cause two damaging societal consequences that will destroy the social fabric of our country as well as our (i.e.,WMO25’s) sacred place in society.

  1. Since educated citizens earn far more money than dumb citizens, educating minorities will, in fact, allow them to achieve greater economic power. It will only be a matter of time before social and political power follow. This subsequent political power could eventually lead to the election of a black president! Even worse, the economic, social and political power achieved by minorities will come at the expense of WMO25s!!
  2. “Charter” schools operate without the necessary benefit of unionization. This allows them to operate at lower cost. Again, so what! Unionization is the backbone of America. Employees of “Charter” schools work there solely because they want to help children, while union employees are concerned with the more important things in life: paid time off for anything, a uniform cleaning allowance, guaranteed job security (regardless of job performance), a pension of 580% of the highest year’s income, nap time, featherbedding, etc.  These things are far more important than educating minorities!!  

Thus, “Charter” schools cannot stand!!  We demand social justice for our WMO25s and unions.

Eliminate so called “Charter” schools and make parts of America Great again!!

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