China Problem? The Three Minute Solution!

America’s problems with the People’s Republic of China (which name, except for the word ‘China’, is a misnomer if I’ve ever heard one) could be solved with a three minute telephone call.  Here’s how it would sound from our side:

“Mr. President, the Prime Minister is on the line.”
“Hello Shinzo, Donald here.  How are you and Mrs. Abe doing?”
“That’s good; Melania is fine, thank you for asking.”
“Listen, Shinz­­o, t
he United States no longer has any objections to Japan developing or acquiring nuclear weapons. Or intercontinental ballistic missiles.” 
“No problem, what are friends for?”
“Happy Holidays to you too Shinzo, best to Mrs. Abe.  Goodbye.”

Make that a two minute phone call.

Author’s Note: To build an atomic bomb, only three things are needed:
1. About 12 pounds of Uranium 235 or Plutonium 239;
2. Equipment to handle the aforementioned fissile materials; and,
3. Four or five smart nuclear physicists.

Japan has all three in spades!! They could produce a nuclear weapon in about three weeks!!

Another Author’s Note:  To build a ballistic missile, only four other things are needed:
1.A metal tube;
2. Some liquid hydrogen;
3. Some liquid oxygen; and,
4. A match.  

In spades again!!  Give ’em two weeks!!

Alan Bianco
Alan Bianco

I am a retired lawyer living south of the Mason Dixon line. I have always wanted to write on politics and now I do. I write with a twinkle in my eye and in my posts. I hope reading my commentaries makes you think. . . and laugh.