Dems recognize that telling the truth about their policies is counter-productive.


The Democrats Dilemma

SATAN’S KINGDOM, MA – For decades the Democrats have advocated numerous failed policies such as midnight basketball, shovel-ready jobs, keep-your-doctor healthcare, and let’s give Iran a lot of money. As Americans have finally caught on to these disastrous programs, the Dems finally recognized that telling the truth about their policies was counter-productive. They also realized that if the policies were explained in a “different” way, they would not be considered failures (they would still fail, but no one would notice) .

The Obvious Solution

In response to this revelation, Democrats have implemented a new way to explain their policies to the American people. It is called the Pants on Fire Strategy. This strategy (a/k/a lying) “adjusts” the explanation of each policy (and of reality) so each and every policy appears to benefit 100% of the American people, cost 100% of the American people nothing, and result in a windfall for everyone.  Pants on Fire (still a/k/a lying) also makes every Republican policy look like a failure, a waste of money, and racist. And sexist. And homophobic. And greedy. And etc., etc., etc. (It is amazing what lying can do!!)

The Master Practitioner

Many Democrats have been practicing Pants on Fire for years, but the most experienced user is our beloved president Kamala Joe Biden, who has been using Pants on Fire for decades!  As a warning to America (and also for a quick chuckle)  MOL presents the following chart that illustrates some of Joe’s past Pants on Fire explanations of policy and of reality:

Lots of money; 56 billion (presumably by check) and 1.7 billion (weight: 37,400 lbs.) in new, green, currency. Talk about a Green, New, Deal! For more information on the Green, New, Deal, see for MOL’s response to the Green New, Deal!
Including illegal aliens uninvited guests, mostly okay (i.e., UGMOs)  and working families worldwide.

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