A Tale of Two Presidents

Sometimes, when we at MOL have nothing to do, we kick back, reach for a bottle of Jack Daniels and some medicinal marijuana, moan our mantra, focus our chakra, grasp our totemxx, and contemplate reality and the Meaning of Life.

We began our contemplation last Tuesday and, after 86 hours of Vipassana meditation, finally grasped the difference between former President Bush (the Younger) and current (at least as of today) President Biden.

It Was The Best of Times.
When Bush was first alerted of the 9-11 tragedy, he quickly realized that he had to do two things. (1) Immediately speak to every pertinent advisor or official (both US and foreign) to gather data and devise a coherent strategy and/or plan to protect all Americans. (2) Get back to Washington as soon as possible.

It Was The Worst of Times.
Biden took the opposite approach. When he was alerted of the Afghanistan tragedy, he immediately took two actions. (1) He isolated at Camp David, spoke to a minimum of US officials, and refused all contact with foreign leaders.  Of course, this prevented the formulation of a coherent strategy and/or plan. (2) He stayed away from Washington as long as possible. When he finally had to return, he spent four days in DC and then returned to his vacation in Delaware.

Hmmm, which course of action better benefited all Americans? Which was the age of wisdom, which was the age of foolishness? Which was the season of Light, which was the season of Darkness? Mr. Darnay, Mr. Carton, what do you think?

Joe, Joe, ya gotta go!
& take Hunter in tow!

  1. Not that totem.
  2. What a great name for a website!
  3. An ancient Indian form of meditation that means to see things as they really are.
  4.  Including women, minorities, vegans, LBGTQXYZs, journalists, black racists, and white racists.
  5.  It took him most of a day, but he returned as soon as he could.
  6.  Including ignoring entreaties from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for 36 hours. AND THE BRITISH ARE OUR BEST FRIENDS!!!
  7.  His 19th vacation there in the seven months he has been President. (I.e., He took a trip to Delaware every 11 days.)
  8.  Including women, minorities, vegans, LBGTQXYZs, journalists, black racists, and white racists.

It Was The Best of Times

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