Definition of Economic Blight

America’s New Dark Age—The Biden Blight—Has Begun (Revised and Amended 7-1-2023)

(Author’s Note: This post is long, complicated, and uses many multi-syllabic words. (But it does reach a clear conclusion) If you are not into complex—but important—facts and/or data, skip down to “The Combined Effects of the Biden Blight on America in the Next Eight Years -In a Nutshell" below.)

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For over 150 years, America has led the world in, well, just about everything: economic power, military power, freedom, liberty, social equality, can-do spirit, lifestyle, and fast food.

Sadly, this domination is about to change. We are about to enter a new epoch, a 100-year Dark Age. A Dark Age that will degrade our economic power, castrate our military, destroy our freedoms, disrupt our social harmony, handicap our can-do spirit, kill more Americans than World War II, and cause the closing of more than a few McDonalds. This blight is going to severely test our national will and spirit and will bear the name of the person who instigated it. It will become known as The Biden Blight.

The Biden Blight raises many questions. What caused/is causing it? How will it affect us? Will it ever end?

Thought you’d never ask! The short answers are: Joe Biden, horribly, and probably yes, eventually. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the cause and effects f our new national curse, read on!

The Cause of the Biden Blight

The Biden Blight will be a long downturn in America’s fortunes, power, and prestige. It is being caused by the border policies of our president, Slo-Joe Biden and will forever bear his name!

The Effects of The Biden Blight

The Biden Blight will negatively affect America in ways too numerous to mention. Besides the financial and mortality effects discussed below, our laws, morality, goals, and dreams will also be adversely affected by The Biden Blight.

Slo-Joe has, for all intents and purposes, stopped enforcing any immigration laws. Post hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin for “after this therefore because of this”) our entire country, not just our southern border, will be flooded with illegal aliens, illegal drugs, a multitude of terrorists, and illegal money. As a result, America will have to endure massive costs, a plague of early American deaths due the aforementioned illegal drugs, and a criminal justice system plagued with non-law-abiding aliens (who, to be frank, learned that the way to get anything in this country is to break, not comply with, the law) and non-law-abiding terrorists.

Following are only a few of the major effects of the Biden Blight and how they will almost destroy America. 

(Author’s Note -I noticed something very interesting when searching U.S. government border statistics. The stats that make the Biden Administration look good are consolidated in one location, prominently displayed, and in large type. On the other hand, statistics that make the Biden Administration look bad—or the Trump Administration look good—are scattered, hidden, and in a three-point Serbo-Croatian font. Hmmm, one can only wonder.)

Effect #1 - The Immigration Flood

First, we will look at the human flood of illegal aliens overwhelming our border. Statistically, this human flood is divided into two categories:

A. The Amount of Illegal Immigration

Slo-Joe Biden has, for all intents and purposes, stopped enforcing any immigration laws. Post hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin for “after this therefore because of this”) our southern border has been, and will be, flooded with illegals, among other things. Statistically, this human flood is divided into two categories:

1. Encounters

An Encounter Can be One of Two Events:

  • Apprehensions Under Title 8 – A migrant who is taken into custody at the border and immediately released into the U.S. if he promises to show up in court when their cases are adjudicated (usually within 5-10 years) is known as an “Apprehension” (Yea, I know, the one thing they are not is apprehended.)
         Unfortunately, 86-90% of illegals who make this promise, break it, are no-shows{1} in court, and (illegally) make it into (and usually remain in) the U.S. For the purposes of this section, we will assume that all illegals “apprehended” eventually make it into the U.S. 
         Since he assumed the presidency (I.e., twenty-six months ago), there has been 2,694,411 migrant encounters at the southern border, an average of 103,631 per month (See Exhibit A – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Encounters {Fiscal Years 2020-2023} Title 8).

If this influx continues, within the next four years, there will have been 4,974,288 (or more) migrant encounters at the southern border.

The number of encounters is expected to rise dramatically when Title 42{2]} expires in May 2023. (See This means that within eight years, there will have been over 9,948,576 million migrant encounters at the Southern border.

  • Expulsions Under Title 42 – Migrants who are immediately (in theory) expelled to their home country or last country of transit are known as expulsions. Most migrants who are expelled eventually find their way into the United States. In fact, there are migrants who have been expelled ten (10) times or more!
         Since he assumed the presidency (I.e., the same twenty-six months), there have been 2,319,002 southern border “expulsions” (89,192 per month). (See Exhibit B – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Encounters Title 42).
         At this rate, 4,281,235 migrant expulsions from the southern border are expected by the end of the next four years and over 8,562,469 by the end of eight years. 

In theory, none of these expellees should make it into the U.S. In practice, thanks to the money and power of the drug cartels, many do. For the purposes of this report, we will assume that only 40% of those expelled from the U.S. eventually (and illegally) make it back in.

Recap #1 - How Many Encountered Illegals Will Be in the U.S. Within the Next 8 Years

Related Fun Facts

  • During the entire Trump Administration there were only about 1,900,000 total migrant encounters. Most of them were sent home.
  • In 2020, the state of Pennsylvania had a population of 13,002,700.

2. Gotaways

Migrants attempting to illegally enter the U.S. who are observed, but escape apprehension or expulsion at the border are known as Gotaways

Gotaways can also be divided into two categories: Known Gotaways (I.e., those who were observed) and Unknown Gotaways (who, obviously, weren’t observed). During calendar years 2021 and 2022 (24 months), there have been 1,174,385 known gotaways at the southern border, 48,933 per month (See Exhibit C – Biden Administration Southwest Border Gotaways). Since the barbarians{3} at the gates of our border are all trained, funded, and guided by the largest crime cartel in human history (and by China), it has to be assumed that for each gotaway that was caught, another one, well, got away!

This means that within the next four years, 4,697,540 gotaways will get away and be living in the U.S. Within eight years, that number will have risen to 9,395,080.

Recap #2 - How Many Gotaways Got Away and Will be in the U.S. Within the Next Eight Years

Related Fun Facts

  • As explained earlier, positive data of the Trump Administration is difficult to find but the best guess is that there were between 200,000 and 300,000 gotaways during the entire Trump Administration.
  • In 2020, the state of New Jersey had a population of 9,288,994 .

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (Latin Lingo for "After This, Therefore Because of This").

Recap #3 - Total Illegals That Will be in the U.S. Within 8 Years

Encounters and Gotaways

Related Fun Fact

  • In 2020, the state of Florida had a population of 21,538,187 .

Effect #2 - The Dollar Cost of Illegal Immigration

It is a bad thing that too many illegal immigrants are entering the U.S. It is a worse thing that these immigrants are of the demographic that will cost our government (I.e., us) the most to subsidize; they are numerous, not highly educated, not highly skilled, not familiar with our laws, not in particularly good health, don’t speak our language, and aren’t at all familiar with our culture, lifestyle, morality, social conventions, and rules of the road.

But it is a far worse than worse thing that Biden has decided, not to provide these illegals with a lifestyle to which they were accustomed, but to propel them up into a lifestyle that they could never have imagined. (Hmmm, maybe that’s why they are coming here.)

Because of the above, these illegals will cost a lot of money. A real lot of money. The largest of the many costs we will have to incur to support these illegals are the immediate “initiation” costs that are incurred during the first year of an illegal immigrant’s “arrival”.

In addition to the illegal’s first year costs, there is also the never-ending plethora of additional costs necessary to support the illegals after their first year here. These costs are so vast and so indefinable, they can’t be estimated here.

A. The First Year Costs of Free Services Provided Illegals (See Exhibit D For Calculations - First Year Costs of Free Services Provided to Biden's Illegals)

  • Housing – Twelve months at $1,300/month per illegal = $341,833,393,200.
  • Food – Twelve months at $350/month per illegal = $78,884,629,200.
  • First-time Travel – A one-time air/bus trip to sanctuary cities far from the border $350/trip for 30% of all illegals = $27,609,620,220.
  • Telephones
    • Initial cost – 80%{4} of illegals at $150 = $2,629,487,640.
    • Monthly Service – Twelve months for 80% of illegals at $30/month = $6,310,770,336.
  • Annual Travel – Twelve months at $100/month per illegal = $26,294,876,400.
  • Legal services – Four $1,000 legal conferences with a lawyer for 80% of illegals per year = $420,718,022,400.
  • Clothing – Twelve months at $150/month per illegal = $39,442,314,600.
  • Video Games for Children – Twelve months at $100/month for 20% of the illegals = $350,593,352.
  • Health Care – Twelve months $600/month per illegal = $157,769,258,400.
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Plan – Twelve months $200/month for 20% of illegals = $15,609,516,000.
  • Public Education Costs – One Year at $5,120/pupil{5} for 20%{6} per cent of the illegals = $66,263,088,528.
  • Alcoholic beverages – Twelve months at $40/month{7} for 80% of illegals = 8,414,360,448.
  • Cigars and cigarettes – Biden Administration one-time Harm Reduction Grant to provide illegals with smoking implements = $29,250,000.
  • (Legal) Drugs – Twelve months at $500/month for 40% of illegals = $52,589,752,800.
  • Cost of Immigration judges (300@$55,000/year) = 16,500,000.
  • Cost of Increased Border Patrol on Southern Border = $16,464,000,000{8}.
  • Misc. – Twelve months $100/month per illegal = $16,500,00.

B. The Costs of maintaining illegals after their first year here

God Only Knows!!

Recap #4 - The Total First Year (Only) Costs of Illegal Immigration For the Next Eight Years.

Or, put another way – Over one and a quarter $$ TRILLION $$ Dollars $$ !!

Related Not-so-Fun Fact

  • The Entire Vietnam War (all 10 years of it) costs the U.S. 686 billion, (inflation adjusted) about half of our upcoming costs for the first year’s stay of the incoming illegal aliens! 

Effect #3 - The Fentanyl Flood {9}

A. Fentanyl "Importation"

As a lapsed hippie, I am usually not opposed to drugs. However, I am opposed to drugs that kill people, lots of people. And Fentanyl kills lots of people.

Along with being flooded with illegal migrants, our southern border is awash with illegal drugs. Since Slo-Joe’s “relaxation” of drug import controls (about twenty-six months ago), about 36,000 pounds of Fentanyl have been seized at the southern border. (See Exhibit E – U.S.-Mexico Border Fentanyl Seizures).

Of course, a lot of Fentanyl wasn’t seized and got through. How much escaped seizure is unknown, but considering the smuggling is being orchestrated by the largest crime organization on planet Earth (The Mexican Cartels) and by the second largest economic power (China), also on planet Earth, we really have to assume that at least twice as much Fentanyl as the amount seized eventually got in.

If so, at least 72,000 pounds of Fentanyl (2,800 lbs./month) have been slipped into our country in the last twenty-six months. If this rate of drug smuggling continues, within four years, 134,400 pounds of Fentanyl will have entered our country. 268,800 pounds within eight years. 

Recap #5 - The Total Amount (In Lbs.) Of Fentanyl Smuggled Across The Southern Border for the Next Eight Years.

Fentanyl Smuggles into U.S.

Related Fun Facts

B. Fentanyl Deaths {10 }

1. The Lethal Dose

It takes about 700 micrograms (2.47 ounces) of Fentanyl to kill a human being. (See ) Potentially, within the next four years, enough Fentanyl will have been “imported” to kill 870,607 Americans (134,400 lbs. of Fentanyl times 16 oz. divided by 2.47) . Within eight years, 1,741,214 Americans could fall victim to the Biden Blight. 

2. The Actual Probable Death Toll

Fentanyl is proving lethal, very lethal. In 2022, there were over 80,000 Fentanyl overdose deaths in the U.S. (See Exhibit F – Fentanyl Deaths in The U.S.) And the death rate is trending upward. Very upward, very quickly! Based on current trends, let’s see how many Americans will b e killed by The Biden Blight over the next eight years.

Even National Public Radio (Yeah, not Fox News, NPR) admits there is a crisis. They say that we are experiencing 110,236 Americans died of Fentanyl in a recent 12-month period. They also admit that “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced in late 2022 that life expectancy in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest point in two decades” because of illegal drugs. (See .)

Recap #6 - Fentanyl Deaths Due to the Biden Blight

Eight Year Fentanyl Deaths

Related Really Not-so-Fun Fact

  • World War II “only” cost America 670,846 lives. 17,503 less deaths than what The Biden Blight will cause. 

Effect #4 - Terrorist "Importations"

Hidden among the illegal influx are terrorists, lots, and lots of terrorists. In 2022, over one hundred (100) terrorists were detained at the southern border. (See Exhibit G – Terrorist Watchlist Encounters Between Ports of Entry)

The number of terrorist Encounters at the southern border is expected to rise to almost one hundred fifty (150) this year. From January 2021 to December 2022 (24 months), 168 terrorists have been “encountered” between ports of entry (I.e., along the border). This means 7 known terrorists are known to have attempted entry into the U.S. each month (84/yr.). Assuming one terrorist gets into the country for each one apprehended, 168 terrorists will be entering the U.S. each year.

Recap #7 - Terrorists Among Us. Thanks to the Biden Blight

Number of Terrorists

Fun Facts

  • During the entire Trump Administration, only about 19 terrorists were “encountered”.
  • Terrorist encounters skyrocketed in January 2021. (Hmmm, wonder what happened that month?)

Effect #5 - Enhanced Crime Revenue

Large Mexican (and other) crime cartels and the (so-called{11}) Peoples Republic of China, our most dangerous enemy, are now earning tons of money in “Smuggler’s Fees” from the importation of illegals. The New York Times estimates these fees total over 13 billion dollars per year (See  – I know, Mexico is misspelled).

On the other hand, the United States Department of Human Services (DHS) estimated that, in 2017, each illegal paid an average of $9,933 to a Smuggler (The Mexican based EMIF-Sur offers lower estimates). (See Exhibit H – Median Values of Northern Triangle Migrants’ Payments to Smugglers in 2017). Assuming an inflation rate of 3.5%, that figure has increased to $11,398 by 2023. Based on 21,912,397 illegals entering the U.S. within the next eight years, the smugglers (I.e., China and the cartels) will have earned $249,757,501,006 within the next eight years.

The above does not include the revenue from the sale of drugs crossing the border. Presuming that 2,800 lbs. of Fentanyl is crossing the border each month (See 3. a. Fentanyl “Importation”, above) and the street price of the drug $139/gram{12}, the monthly revenue the drug brings (before tax, oh, I’m sorry, they don’t pay tax) to the crime cartels is $176,541,120. (2800 lbs. times 16 (oz./lb.) times 28.35 (grams/oz.) times $139). This comes to an additional $2,118,493,440 per year for the cartels. The Mafia was a thorn in America’s side for almost 80 years. The Biden-fed crime groups will make the Mafia (even in its “prime”) look like small Patate al forno.{13}

Recap # 8 - Revenue of Crime Cartels and China Within the next Eight Years

Or, put another way – Over two hundred sixty-six (266) $$ BILLION $$ Dollars $$ !!

Fun Facts

  • The market value of The Bank of America is 220.82 billion dollars.
  • During the entire Trump Administration, the Crime Cartels didn’t make much money. 

The Combined Effects of The Biden Blight on America within the Next Eight Years - In a Nutshell!

In conclusion, and for those of you who chose to skip the boring stuff, here are the combined effects of our new 100-year Dark Age – The Biden Blight.

Recap # 8 - The Combined Effects of the Biden Blight on America in the Next Eight Years -In a Nutshell

Slo-Joe will be remembered as the president that burdened America with The Biden Blight, which will will haunt America for the next 100+ years. It will cost more money, kill more Americans, and devastate more lives than any natural or man-made disaster in human history.
If we (and our progeny) are lucky, and if we (and our progeny) work hard at it, 100 years from now, our great-grandchildren will finally be able to say, “Thank God, we ended the Biden Blight. We finally cleaned up Slo-Joe’s mess.”

Why are we listening to this man?

Could he be softening us up for China?

Why would he do that?

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{2} Title 42 of the U.S. Government Code, established July 1,1944, grants federal authorities the power to deny entry of people into the country to limit the spread of a communicable disease. The Trump administration invoked the authority in March 2020 at the outset of the pandemic, and the Biden administration is terminating it in May.
{3} The word is properly used. The English term “barbarian” is derived from the Greek noun barbarous, which was describes all non-Greek-speaking peoples Since few those seeking illegal entry into the US can speak Greek, they are properly referred to as barbarians! Interestingly, Strabo (64 or 63 BC – c. 24 AD) suggested that barbaros originally denoted onomatopoeically the rough, faltering, or harsh speech of foreigners, as perceived by the locals. Another characteristic of today’s border crashers!
{4} Assumes only 80% of illegals get phones. Young children excluded.
{5} Education Data Initiative 2021 figures
{6} UNICEF, 2020 Estimate of minor illegals)
{7} The American average (for legal Americans) per The Bureau of Labor Statistics for Calendar year 2020
{8} Senate Appropriations Committee – HOMELAND SECURITY, 2023
{9} Only Fentanyl is considered here although many other illegal and usually fatal drugs are also crossing the border during the Biden Administration
Other illegal “imported” drugs also cause deaths. But to keep it simple, we will only report on Fentanyl.
{11} Countries whose names contain the words “Democratic” or “People’s Republic”, aren’t.
{12} It is reported that Fentanyl’s street value is approximately $1400 per gram for amounts smaller than 5 grams and approximately $139 per gram for amounts greater than 5 grams. See . We used the smaller figure.
{13} Italian Roasted Potatoes

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