The Pledge That Will Save America


Nobody likes politics today. And everybody likes politicians even less.

We at MOL have devised a two-part pledge that will restore confidence on all politicians who take it, rehabilitate our democracy, and bring legislative bills back down to earth.  

We humbly offer this pledge to all state and Federal legislators and not-so-humbly dare each and every one of them to take it!

The MOL Politician's Pledge

  1. I promise to read every bill before I vote on it; and,
  2. I promise to read at least 100 pages per day!

The Result?

How many of the 7,918 Federal and state legislators do you think will take this pledge?

Our guess? Six (6)!

We urge the other 7,912 legislators to take the MOL pledge, stop the damage, and end all bill’s dullness.

No, you idiot, not that pledge!

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