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What Hath The Election Wrought?? MOL Uncovers the March CPT of the Biden Administration!

Did you know that every taxpayer in your household borrowed over $15,000 last month.  Of course you didn’t know, no one told you.  But just as of course, the money was borrowed!
How can this be? Well, we at The Meaning of Life (MOL) figured it out.
As you know, almost all politicians, especially Democrats, make it a point to tout the benefits of each and every new law that is piled on the books each year.  Yet almost no politicians, especially Democrats, explain to the U.S. Taxpayer what the f*** any of these laws will cost them.
Fortunately, the crack investigative team at MOL has been able to wade through all the political muck and mire and has calculated the cost of each and every bill that became federal law in March 2021. Our results are illustrated on the chart below. This chart shows the total cost of each bill as well as  the Cost Per Taxpayer (CPT) of each law.  You are probably surprised at the amount of money you (and your family) borrowed!
No where else in any news media or at CNN (we always inject a little humor in our posts), will you be able to discover all the money you spent (and this is before reparations were even discussed! For an even bigger laugh, click on to see the fun we will have when they are being debated!)

After compiling the above chart, we had a thought.  Since our government is (so they say) of, by, and for the people and since it is funded by the same said people, shouldn’t  congress (and not MOL) tell us the Cost Per Taxpayer of all future bills.
Well, we can dream, can’t we?

Pssst. This month, the $4,000,000,000,000 infrastructure bill is coming up.  CPT? $28,961.01!!!

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