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Systemic Racism??? Bulldoodoo!


For years now, some minorities, most liberals, and all social justice warriors have been alleging (a/k/a bitching and moaning) that there is systemic racism in America directed against African Americans. This allegation is trotted out any time an African American runs into any sort of difficulty. Fortunately, the allegation is not true. Well actually, it is true, but not quite the way minorities, liberals, and social justice warriors think it is! In fact, there is systemic racism in America, but it is not directed at African Americans, is directed at European Americans (usually European American males, like me!) Let’s look at the real racism in the system:

  1. Over the last 50 years, the system spent over 22 trillion dollars ($22,000,000,000,000) on social (what today would be called social justice) programs in America. The bulk of this money went to feed, clothe, and buy sneakers, for African Americans. Few European Americans benefitted from these programs.
  2. The system requires African Americans (and, to a lesser extent, Hispanic Americans) to have seats reserved for them in schools and Universities and with some employers, regardless of the candidate’s intellect. European Americans (regardless of their intellect) do not have any seats reserved for them anywhere, ever.
  3. Massive affirmative action programs have been part of the system for over 50 years. African Americans (and, to a lesser extent, Hispanic Americans) are the sole beneficiaries of this system. Not one European American has ever benefitted from an affirmative action program!
  4. The system recognizes hate crimes, which are crimes committed against African Americans (but not European Americans) by European Americans (but not African Americans). A European American who has committed a hate crime is subject to greater penalties than if they just committed an “ordinary and customary” crime. (Author’s Note: If European American criminals had any brains, they would only target other European Americans. Then they would be subject to lesser penalties when caught! Fortunately, European Americans criminals are just as oblivious to reality as African American criminals).
  5. The system judges African Americans using a far lower standard then when judging European Americans. Scarlett Johansson (a European American) was severely criticized because she should be allowed to portray “any person, or any tree, or any animal.” (Who cares about this stuff?) Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, the internationally famous European American stars of Vanderpump Rules, were fired because they notified the police of someone who matched the description of a wanted criminal (you guessed it; the someone was African American). African Americans, however, are held to a far lower standard. Michael Brown was killed by police in Ferguson Missouri on August 9, 2014. Of course, any death is tragic, but the African American community has lined up behind Michael Brown and made him a “hero”. Even though on the day of his death, Brown sold drugs to a store clerk, assaulted a store clerk, and stole Cigarillos. In addition, when the police began asking Brown about his crimes, he refused a directive to put up his hands, punched a police officer, attempted to steal the officer’s gun, ran away and then rushed back at the officer (with hands not up!). The system condemns European Americans for making (true) allegations, while it glorifies an African American who commits numerous felonies. Is the system racist? Against whom?
  6. Every February, everyone has to sit through another recitation of Black History Month. Yeah, we know Dr. King and Frederick Douglass were wonderful, but we have heard the same thing every year since 1970. If African Americans had to listen to a White History Month for fifty years, they would be bored stiff as well!
  7. And worst of all, African Americans are permitted to use the “N” work in writings, in everyday speech, and in “song”. This privilege is not extended to European Americans. African American rappers make millions using the “N” word, but if a European American ever utters the Scarlet “N” (or any word with similar letter combinations, such as niggardly, Niger, nigrosine, niggling, or nigh) they are cancelled, condemned, and, if a white male, put to the Triple-C.

There is racism in the system that must be eliminated, but the racism is directed against European Americans, not African Americans!


HOWEVER,. . . The above minorities, liberals, and social justice warriors do have a point, they just don’t understand what it is. (Probably because they have misnamed and mis-defined the problem). There is a “racism” against African Americans in America, but it is not in the system, it is in the minds of some, but not all, European Americans. This “racism” occurs every day. It occurs every time a European American crosses the street when an African American approaches, every time a European American gets the job via race and the African American doesn’t, and every time an obnoxious, boorish, inconsiderate European American jumps in front of a person in line at the bank because that person is African American. European Americans might not realize that these acts are racist, but they should. They should also understand that any mature and thoughtful African American has to wonder “were these actions taken because of my skin color?”

These acts happen in America every day. How many of them are caused by racism and how many of them are caused by something else? We don’t know and probably never will.

We, at The Meaning of Life ~ World’s Greatest Political Satire!!! have looked at the problem of racism in America and have made some interesting discoveries.

It is necessary to understand modern racism. Unlike Gaul, racism is now divided into two parts. For lack of a better term, we call them Overt Racism and Covert Racism. Although both have the word “racism” in their name, Overt Racism and Covert Racism are different in form, substance, and effect. They each come from a different place; they each result in different kinds of acts; and they each must be eliminated in different ways. Here are the kinds of racism in America today.

  1. Overt Racism – Overt racism has been with us for a long time, at least since Noah cursed his son, Ham. It peaked in the years following the Civil War, but occasionally (fortunately very occasionally), it still rears its ugly head. The characteristics of Overt Racism are:
    1. Hatred – Overt Racism arises from hate. It occurs when one ethnicity (usually of a lighter color) hates a different ethnicity (usually of a darker color). This hatred was prevalent in the Antebellum South. Fortunately, most of this hatred has now been eliminated from American society. It now is only present in isolated pockets of modern society (I.e., the KKK, white supremacists, Antifa, and BLM).
    2. Evil Acts – Overt Racism always results in evil acts, whether it be lynching someone, requiring minorities to use inferior facilities, or (my personal favorite) prohibiting minorities from cutting a White person’s hair.
    3. Can Only Be Corrected By Laws – The only method of eliminating Overt Racism is to pass laws criminalizing the evil acts. Over the last 60 years, these laws have been passed and have eliminated most Overt Racism from American society.
  2. Covert Racism – Covert Racism is completely different from Overt Racism and is relatively new. (Covert Racism wasn’t necessary when Overt Racism was available. Why pass over a minority for a job when you could lynch him?) Covert Racism has substantially increased in recent decades and replaced the Overt Racism that has systematically (and systemically) been eliminated from our society. The characteristics of Covert Racism are completely different than those of Overt Racism:
    1. Ignorance – The source of Covert Racism is ignorance, not hate. The perpetrators of Covert Racism don’t necessarily hate the minority being afflicted by the racism, they are just ignorant of the fact that all men are created with equal rights and a successful society requires that all citizens acknowledge and appreciate that equality!
    2. Neutral Acts – Covert Racism, unlike Overt Racism, does not result in evil acts. Instead, it results in neutral acts, (such as crossing the street, giving someone a job, or cutting into a line). By themselves, these acts are perfectly harmless (everyone crosses the street, employs others, and, unfortunately, cuts in front of other people at the bank), but when they are taken because of ignorance and bias against another ethnicity, they are Covert Racism.
    3. Can Only Be Corrected by Education – Laws are ineffective against Covert Racism. Society cannot prohibit crossing the street, employing someone, or cutting into a line at the bank. Covert Racism can only be eliminated through education. Everyone must be educated to several, somewhat obvious, truths:
      1. We are all the same species (we are).
      2. We are identical in everything except skin color and sporting ability.

Everyone must have equal rights and equal opportunities (but not equal outcomes) or the entire society will fail!

Once everyone understands and accepts these truths, Covert Racism will die a well-deserved death. This education will not be as easy as it sounds. It is hard to teach someone who is set in his/her ways. Some (especially older) people can’t accept that something they believed their whole life is wrong . Sometimes we must accept this and wait for the next generation to find the truth!


That’s it! We don’t have any complicated conclusions, only four simple ones: First – Cut the crap about systemic racism. It doesn’t exist, at least not as you think it does. Second – Stop trying to cure Covert Racism by passing laws. It won’t work! Third – Let’s start some education, real education, not the indoctrination and anti-racism racism that is currently offered as education. Fourth –Let’s start it today!

We at MOL are trying to eliminate the use of the word “bullshit” on the internet!
Systemic means in the entire system, as opposed to a particular part. Example – “The disease is localized rather than systemic”.
Which, in itself, is racism in spades (sorry). Is the system saying that African Americans are less competent than European Americans and, as such, shouldn’t be judged as harshly? Sounds like racism to me.
They also acted in an ungentlemanly and unsporting manner.
We at MOL consider rap music a “song”.
Castigation, castration, and crucifixion, in that order.
In part because no one, to date, has dispassionately and objectively looked at the problem.
Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres” (Gaul is divided into three parts). ~Gaius Julius Caesar
It is not clear how Noah’s son could be a different ethnicity than Noah. It might be because the name Ham means sunburnt. Just stick with me on this one! (BTW, Ham’s son was named Nimrod! That might say something!)
This was actually a law in the Pre-civil war South.
I know, I know, some still exists.
This may sound a little offensive, but it makes the point.
Sorry, this was thrown in to provide a little levity.
African Americans all had equal outcomes under slavery. We don’t want to go there again, do we?

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