Biden and Taliban

He Does It!!! Biden Finally Builds Back Better (BBB)!

In the last month, our beloved president delivered to the Taliban:
  • 599,690 small arms and machine guns
  • 208 helicopters, including some Apaches and Black Hawks
  • 75,898 Trucks and Armored Vehicles
  • 162,000 pieces of communications Equipment
  • 29,681 Explosive Devices
  • 16,191 Pieces of Surveillance Equipment, including Night Vision Goggles
  • 6 Fully Equipped Military Bases, including 30 square mile Bagram Air Base
All costing “only” 83 billion of our dollars! That old fart was right, he can build something back better! (In our naiveté, we at MOL thought Slo-Joe was referring to BBB something in our country, not the Taliban!)
Alan Bianco
Alan Bianco

I am a retired lawyer living south of the Mason Dixon line. I have always wanted to write on politics and now I do. I write with a twinkle in my eye and in my posts. I hope reading my commentaries makes you think. . . and laugh.