The Proof is Finally In!! Women are Violent and Men are Cerebral!!

It has just been conclusively proved that:

  1. Women are more violent than men; and,
  2. Men are more cerebral and more religious (and more musical) than women.

Both of these premises have been studied for ages, but they have now been proved by logic and careful scientific observation.

  1. Clearly evidencing the fact that women are the more violent sex, severe storms are now called hurricanes, not himacanes.
  2. The cerebralality and religiosity of men is revealed by the fact that philosophical and religious songs are called hymns, not hers.

The previous belief that these storms were named after Huracan, the Mayan god of storms, has finally been debunked.
The recent increase in hurricane activity indicates that women are the real cause of climate change!!
The previous belief that the word hymn was derived from hymnos, the Greek word for “a song of praise”, is also incorrect.

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