The Real Reason Biden Leaves The Southern Border Open!


What is the real reason Biden leaves the southern border open? Did ever wonder why our southern border is as porous as a screen door (without the screen)?

The porous border will hurt America. As we discussed in America’s New Dark Age—The Biden Blight—Has Begun (Revised and Amended 7-1-2023), our open border will (among other things):

  1. Allow the smuggling of 1008 terrorists into the US in the next eight years.
  2. Cost more than twice as much (Inflation adjusted) as the Vietnam War (See section – The First Year Costs of Free Services Provide Illegals).
  3. Cause more American deaths than World War II (See section #2 – The Actual Probable Death Toll).
  4. Fund an Illegal Drug Cartel with over 266 billion dollars. (See section Effect #5 – Enhanced crime Revenue).


While all the above results are bad, we are only going to look at #4, the return on investment that China (and the cartels) are receiving on their investment in the Biden Crime Family.

To begin, why would anyone, especially a politician, ever want to subject America to these blights? Republicans say the Democrats are in favor of an open border to obtain new immigrant Democratic voters. We don’t think the Democrats are that stupid!

What is the real reason Biden leaves the southern border open? Democrats say Republicans are in favor of an open border to obtain new immigrant low-wage workers. We don’t think the Republicans are that stupid!

NAH, neither party as evil or corrupt as to want to destroy America merely for a few more voters or workers. They are not worth all that mess.

Even CNN admits things are F***ed up!,will%20worsen%20as%20crossings%20climb.


No, the reason the border is open has nothing to do with today’s political parties (although an argument can be made that both parties are unindicted co-conspirators).

The Open Border is really a business deal between the Biden Crime Family and China. In fact, it is the business deal that is generating the highest ROI (Return on Investment) in human history. Unfortunately, the beneficiary of the ROI isn’t us (or even the Biden Crime Family), it’s the Chinese and the crime cartels.

Let’s take a quick look


According to the House Oversight Committee, The Biden Crime Family received $1.3 million in “fees” from the Chinese Government.

Hell, Biden even admitted that he received $664 K from a CCCP backed company.

These payments (and possibly more) are the investment China (and the cartels) made in Hunter Biden. And family. Now, let’s look at what they received for their investment:


The investors (Chinese and cartels) receive at least two benefits from their investment in an open southern border:

  1. They receive fees from the people they are smuggling, and;
  2. They receive income from the drugs they smuggle across the border and sell.

Let’s see how they are doing:

According to the calculations performed in our post The Biden Blight Has Begun (Above), 21,912,317 illegal aliens will enter the U.S. withing the next eight years. The same calculations show that 268,800 lbs. of Fentanyl will be smuggled into the US in the next 8 years. How will the Chinese (and the Cartels) profit from this?

Here’s how:

Revenue from People Smuggling                                                                                        $249,757,501,006
Revenue from Drug Smuggling                                                                                                   16,947,947,520     

TOTAL REVENUE OF CARTELS AND CHINA                                                                   $266,705,448,526

China and the Cartels will be receiving $33,338,181,065.75 annually on their 1.3 million investment in the Biden Crime Family.

This gives them a Return on investment of 2,564,375.47%, one of, if not the highest, ROIs in human history!!!


By the way, we have uncovered another reason Biden is keeping the border open. It is possible that the Chinese have an audio or video tape of Hunter saying that the money would go (in part or whole) to his father, or they have a tape of Joe Biden thanking them for the money.

In other words, the CCCP has Biden by the Gonads. If he spills the beans or closes the border, they will destroy his political career.

Remember, Biden is not like George Washington. Washington sacrificed his wealth to save America. Biden will sacrifice America to save his wealth.

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