Brian Flores – Victim of Racism or Petulant Child?

Recently, this year, the Dolphins fired Head Coach Brian Flores from his Head Coaching position. Flores subsequently filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL, the New York Giants, the Denver Broncos, and the Miami Dolphins. In his suit, Flores alleges that, are you ready for it – the NFL is “rife with racism, especially when it comes to hiring and retention of black Head Coaches”, the Giants engaged in “an insidious form of racism”. Flores alleges that the Broncos are habitually late and drink too much, and that the Dolphins are corrupt. All the defendants are also alleged to be, well, white! Is Flores really a victim of racism or merely a petulant child?

The N.Y. Post’s coverage of this story was exemplary.

Is The NFL Racist?

As everyone knows, racism is the word of the day. If you are black and can somehow inject racism into a failure you have encountered in life (like being fired as an NFL Head Coach) and sue someone important (and rich), your lawsuit will turn your failure into a win! How? Easy, a lawsuit alleging racism will allow you to: a) appear in all the Media, especially the liberal media, for months; b) eventually receive a ton of money when you settle your lawsuit with the virtue signaling big boys (usually via a secret settlement without the admission of guilt by any party), and c) be held up as the Rosa Parks, the Curt Flood, and maybe even the Martin Luther King, Jr. of your generation. All you must do to achieve these goals is act like a petulant child who is the victim of everything in general, but racism in particular.

Brian Flores is more than filling the role. He has called the NFL racist, he has called the Giants racist, he has called Denver general manager John Elway tardy and hungover, and he has accused Dolphin’s president Stephen Ross of wanting to throw (I.e., intentionally lose) games. (Aha, the petulance!) It gets better, Flores states that he felt “humiliation, disbelief, and anger” (Aha, the victimhood).

Flores has already been favorably compared to Rosa Parks and Curt Flood. Can Dr. King be far behind? What an affront to Ms. Parks and Mr. Flood! Rosa Parks was a poor woman who was really the subject of racism and Curt Flood was a great baseball player who was financially screwed his entire career. (His case, by the way, really had little to do with race.)

The Real Truth

Both Parks and Flood were real victims. Flores isn’t. He was one of only 32 NFL Head Coaches in America and one of the highest paid Americans. Flores isn’t fighting racism; he is just acting like a petulant child/victim.

Last year, there were three black Head Coaches in the NFL. African Americans make up 12.1 percent of the American population and, last year, comprised 9.375 percent of all NFL Head Coaches{1}. Zero percent of Montgomery, Alabama’s African Americans could ride in the front of the bus and zero percent of Curt Flood’s fellow baseball players could earn what they were worth! They were fighting for a cause; Flores isn’t fighting for a cause; he is just acting like a petulant child/victim.

Seen another way, the average NFL Head Coach’s salary was $7 million last year. Neither Rosa Parks nor Curt Flood ever made even one hundredth of that amount! Ever! Flores isn’t fighting for equality; he is just acting like a petulant child/victim.

This brings us to the truism. Sometimes, an African American fails because he is just not good enough{2}. That is not racism, that is life!

Full Disclosure

In the interests of full disclosure, I am a New York Giant’s fan and think John Elway was one of the finest football players ever. This may have affected my opinion.

I am also a white person. This did not!

Two P.S.s

  1. Flores’ suit is a class action lawsuit. This means that he is not merely suing on his own behalf, but he is also suing on behalf of a class of others similarly situated. (I.e., black former black head coaches in the NFL who were fired this year because of racism and who think the league and its teams are racist; the Broncos are drunks; and the Dolphins are crooks. We at MOL don’t think this will be a large class.)
  2. In the interest of comity, we at MOL, after much trial and heartache, have devised a solution to the racial imbalance in the NFL. Our solution will ensure that all African American NFL Head Coaches and players always receive equitable representation in the NFL. See

{1} Last year, African Americans comprised 57.5 percent of all NFL players.
{2} Or because calling the NFL and every team in the league racist, calling John Elway a lush and calling your former boss corrupt is not indicative of being a team player. And, last time I looked, professional football was a team sport.

One Last P.S.

We are not as wealthy as Brian Flores, nor can we allege racism and demand a big settlement. As such, any donation would be appreciated! . No donation too small, no donation too big! 


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