Brief Bulletin on Biden’s Build It Back Better Bromide!

The Promise

Our beloved President Joe Biden promised, when elected, to Build it Back Better.

The Reality

Here is how that Slo-Joe kept his promises to BBB (Built Back Better):

  1. The Taliban – Biden BBB their own country and stocked it with 83 Billion (with another “B”) worth of military hardware!
  2. Iran – Biden gave them access to the Taliban’s new country and all that military hardware, both of which are BBB!
  3. China – Biden gave them the opportunity to reverse engineer all that military hardware to BBB The Peoples Liberation Army and the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (What a damn silly name if you ask me!). He also gave them the knowledge that when they move on Taiwan and the South China Sea, we will only give them a vigorous tongue lashing! China can now BBB their territory and formerly offshore (now territorial) waters.
  4. North Korea – Biden gave them the knowledge that when they attack South Kores, they will only get the aforementioned tongue lashing! North Korea can now BBB a united Korea!
  5. Mexican Cartels – Biden gave them free access to the U.S. drug market and allowed them to BBB their infiltration routes. With all the money the Cartels are now making, they can BBB their entire infrastructure!


We at MOL didn’t think that these were the things Slo-Joe was originally promising to BBB. Did you??

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