NFL and Black Anthem Logos

NFL To Play “black” National Anthem This Season – HOORAY!!

In April, it was reported that the National(1)] Football League will play “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, also known as the “black” national anthem(2) before select games this year.

While it is not clear why the NFL wants to be so divisive in such a divisive time  the playing of this song will provide real Americans (of all races, creeds, colors, accents, body shapes, personality types, gender identification, sexual preference, social media preference, and hair style) with an opportunity we’ve all been waiting for!

FINALLY, THERE IS SOMETHING WE ALL CAN KNEEL AT!!! In fact, some of us are going to skip kneeling entirely and go fully prone!! (Hopefully there will be carpeting wherever we are watching the game.)

Finally, a song for All of Us!

(1) Don’t know if they will still be national after this asinine maneuver.
(2) What a wonderfully inclusive name!!!
(3) Remember when watching football used to be fun? When you could banter about anything in the game with others who were watching, regardless of his/her race, creed, color, accents, body shape, personality type, gender identification, sexual preference, social media preference, and hair style?

Alan Bianco
Alan Bianco

I am an OG (old guy) who recently retired and now lives south of the Mason Dixon line. I have always wanted to write on politics and now I do, with a twinkle in my eye and a quick wit in my posts. I hope reading my commentaries makes you think... and wonder... and laugh.