Guess Who's Baaaack!!!

Durham Report on Zie Fedstapo Released! Guess Who’s Baaaack!!!

Facts Uncovered by the Durham Report

  • It was Hillary, not Trump that colluded with the Russians
    1. Clinton used a Moscow-based “source,” Democrat-linked PR executive Charles Dolan Jr., to collect purported intelligence on Trump.
    2. No evidence Trump colluded with the Russians
  • New York Times and Washington Post run numerous stories about Trump’s Russian Collusion. All their reports were lies!
    1. Both won Pulitzer Prizes
    2. Both refuse to give the prizes back
  • Zee Fedstapo was very political, it used two different standards— one that applied to Trump and one that applied to Hillary Clinton.
    1. Trump’s violations were created out of thin air.
    2. Hillary’s felonies were ignored.
  • Obama and Clapper were briefed on reports of Clinton campaign’s Russia collusion narrative.
    1. Oh, my!
  • Report proves that Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who guaranteed that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House in 2016, was full of dodo.
  • Durham Report shows Adam Schiff’s claims. . . damn, don’t get me started.
  • And best, er, worst, of all: A U.S. court found that the FBI improperly searched for information in a U.S. database of foreign intelligence 278,000 times. (See ) For Reference, that is over 150 perjuries PER DAY!

Commentary (On The Facts Uncovered)

But things seem to be getting worse.

Happenin' Now

In 1933, the Geheime Staatspolize (aka Gestapo) began flouting and violating laws in order to destroy their political enemies.  

In 2020, Zie Fedstapo (fka FBI) began flouting and violating laws in order to destroy their political enemies. 

The Future?

By 1936, (within four years) The Gestapo began rounding up and imprisoning their political enemies.

What will Zie Fedstapo be doing within the next four years???

It looks like Ole Adolf will soon be looking down . . . er, looking up . . . at Washington . . . and smiling.

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