MAsk Ugly, No MAsk PRetty


The Problem

Are you tired of wearing a face mask all day, every day, for two years? Does your mask cause your eyeglasses to fog? Are you: morally, mentally, physically, and sexually fatigued because you’re constantly rebreathing the excessive Carbon Dioxide building up in your mask?; psychologically scarred because you have not seen the face of another human being in ages?; tired of looking ugly when you could be hot (See featured image above!)?; tired of kissing your partner through two masks? Do you think Anthony “I’m Ready for, er, I Am Prime Time” Fauci is acting like a horse’s ass?

The Solution

If you can answer “Yes” to any of the above questions, it is time for you to join MOL’s Trask{1} the Mask (TTM) campaign. Reject the wearing of masks and advocate Displayed Faces!  Finally free America from the dreaded zombie wrap and bring peace and harmony to all mankind{2}.

TTM is a passive, peaceful protest against the wearing a face mask (Trask the Mask is similar to the passive, peaceful, protests of BLM in Seattle. Not!). TTM is designed to confound and confuse mask mandators until they finally leave us alone to exercise our constitutional right to bare faces{3}.

Participation in the Trask the Mask campaign is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Always wear your mask improperly: below your nose, above your mouth, or hanging off an ear.
  2. When (usually within a nanosecond{4}) a condescending, overbearing, busybody, annoying liberal, impolitely informs you that you are not wearing your mask properly, immediately take the following actions:
    1. Fit your mask properly and reply to the COBAL{5}, “I’m a TTM (just use the mnemonic The Time Machine) supporter! You are obviously a Face Denier!
    2. Snort loudly, pivot 180⁰, and walk away from the COBAL while loudly muttering under your breath, “What horse’s asses they are!”

That’s it! Simple, painless and gluten free. Join The Cause! Peace, Love, Ride on Displayed Faces!!!

Even Ben Franklin was a “Trask The Mask” supporter! See our post at

{1} “Trask” is the past participle, pluperfect, transitive, active conjugation of the verb infinitive “to trash”! (It is also the name of a bad guy in the X-Men universe.)
{2} Except to Progressives, who are incapable of being peaceful or harmonious, ever.
{3} A right clearly found in the penumbra of the substantive due process of the First Amendment right to bare arms!
{4} One billionth of a second.
{5} Condescending, Overbearing, Busybody, Annoying Liberal.


P.S. Please donate to MOL so we can continue the Cause! Due to the high cost of masks, we are now broke and have to sleep in a manger!

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