There is much confusion today on our political front. There is so much shouting, conflating, and deflection going on that is it easy to miss the real difference ‘tween liberals and conservatives. We at MOL understand your pain and would like to set the record straight. Here are the differences:

  1. Conservatives search for a solution; Liberals “Come Together”.
  2. Conservatives live in neighborhoods; Liberals reside in communities.
  3. Conservatives get mad; Liberals become troubled.
  4. Conservatives are practical; Liberals are in the ozone. (In fact, some liberal states are considering revising the Declaration of Independence! See 
  5. Conservatives resolve; Liberals monitor.
  6. Conservatives work (and resolve)for you; Liberals fight (endlessly, and without resolution) for you.
  7. Conservatives think; Liberals feel;
  8. And most important, conservatives think Americans can do anything if they are left alone; Liberals feel Americans can do nothing if they are left alone.

Now I am going to go home, but if I were a liberal, I would be returning to my housing. (Another difference ‘tween liberals and conservatives!) 


The true meaning of this phrase is unclear.  It appears to mean “Do what we (liberals) want”.
Contrary to the tenor of this commentary, both intellect and emotion are necessary for the operation of a successful society. 


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