Transgender Athletes

Y Chromosomed Individuals To Dominate Again!

(Editor’s Note: All members of the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Wise, wise man) have 23 pair of chromosomes in each cell of their body. The twenty-third pair of chromosomes of 49.6% of the species contains two X chromosomes, while the twenty-third pair of chromosomes in 50.4% of the species contains an X chromosome and a Y chromosome.)

The last century has not been kind to Y chromosomed individuals (Hereinafter Ys), who, until recently, dominated everything. The trouble began in 1916 when Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, NY. The ostensible purpose of this “clinic” was to abort the unviable tissue masses of minority double X chromosomed individuals (hereinafter double Xs). It was hoped this would reduce America’s minority population.  It did. The abortions performed at the clinic over the years reduced the minority population to 50% of what it would have been without Mr./Mrs./Ms. Sanger’s contribution.  The clinic’s practical effect however, was to give double Xs more control and domination over his/her/their/its lives. 

The double Xs were given the right to vote in 1920. This continued the Y’s Nakba (Arabic for disaster). Almost immediately afterward, our country a) suffered a great depression and b) engaged in its worst war in history.

The rise of double Xs continued throughout the 1920s. Amelia Earhart, (a double X) was granted the right to fly an airplane. He/she/they/it immediately got lost and was never heard from again!

In 1966, double X, Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique (and Manifesto). This work caused many well-endowed, double Xs to abandon and burn their bras!! (Uhh, maybe we’ll let this one pass).

In the late 1960s, the pace of bigotry and bias against Ys picked up. In 1969, double Xs were allowed into the Oak Bar at The Plaza Hotel in NYC. Less than a year later, a double X, named Barbara Shaum, was permitted to drink at McSoreley’s Ale House, also in New York City.

Things got worse in 1973 when, in the so-called Battle of the Sexes (Sex: an archaic term used when there were thought to be only two genders), 29-year-old Billie Jean King, a double X (sort of) and the greatest tennis player in the world, defeated 55-year-old has-been, Y, Bobby Riggs in a tennis match.

The culmination of the disrespect to and bias against Ys occurred on June 18, 1983, when double X, American Sally Ride was permitted to fly into space. (And worse, she didn’t wear a bra during her flight!) At least she didn’t get lost!

Fortunately, the tide against Ys has begun to turn. Ironically, this change began in the field of so-called Women’s sports. For the first time, law and public opinion (at least some of it) turned in favor of Ys and against double Xs. The National College Athletic Association (NCAA), along with other sanctioning groups, has finally seen the light!! Ys (formerly known as “men”) can now compete against double Xs (formerly known as women) in all areas of Women’s sports. They can even use the Women’s locker room. And Ys don’t have to undergo any surgery whatsoever to play against (and shower with) f/k/a women! All he/she/they/it must do to participate is to take hormones for a year. (Who knew there was such a low bar for qualifying as a woman, er, a double X?)

The sole goal of all Ys (no matter what coat of paint the/she/they/it is/are currently wearing) is dominate women. Thanks NCAA (and other sanctioning bodies). So-called Women’s Sports will lead the way to a better (?) tomorrow!

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