Passing Money Under The Table

How the Conduit Method Was Used To Bribe The President (Question-and-Answer Format)

Threshold Question: Why did Slo-Joe Biden’s “attorneys” search for the top-secret documents strewn about his houses (and his garages) rather than the National Archives (or the FBI)?
Answer: Because, unlike investigators from the National Archives (or the FBI), Biden’s “attorneys” were able to “curate” the top-secret documents they “discovered”. They could report and return any “appropriate” documents to the National Archives, and destroy the incriminating ones.

Question: Do you think these “Attorneys” will ever be asked whether they reported all the top-secret documents that were discovered?
Answer: Nope.

Question: Why did these documents have to be “curated”?
Answer: They might have revealed that Biden, his family, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement (The “PBC”{i}), and/or their lawyers and agents had committed Treason, Bribery and Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors by employing the Conduit Method to deliver bribes to the President.

Question: How does the Conduit Method work?
Answer: When a hostile foreign government, let’s say China, wants to bribe a U.S. official, oh, let’s say the President, they can’t write him a check directly. This could be easily discovered{i}] and would result in “untidy” results. Such as the impeachment and trial of the U.S. President, criminal charges being brought against the President’s agents (including his lawyers, brother, and son), and the unveiling of China’s real intentions.

These “untidy” results can be significantly reduced by eschewing a direct bribe and employing the Conduit Method, as follows:

  1. First, a gullible (but culpable) third party, who will do anything for money, must be located to act as a conduit. For the purposes of this discussion, lets posit the University of Pennsylvania acted as the gullible, but culpable conduit.
  2. The President’s agents (such as his lawyers, his son, or his brother) arrange with China to “generously” “donate” a large sum of money, let’s say $6 million, to the University of Pennsylvania.
  3. In return for the $6 million, the University of Pennsylvania agrees:
      a. To establish a subsidiary school to be known as the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, and;
      b. To appoint Slo-Joe as a professor, who, strangely, gets a no-show job. He is not required to do anything for the money, especially not:
              i) Meet with students, or;
              ii) Teach a class, or;
              iii) Write a paper, or;
              iv) Appear on campus.
      c. To pay Slo-Joe Biden at least $1 million.
  4. The University of Pennsylvania gets to keep the remaining $5 million. They are now a co-conspirator in bribery and treason!

Question: So, what is the result of the Conduit Method?
Answer: The primary result is that China is able to make, and Slo-Joe is able to receive, a disguised bribe (and both are still guilty of a plethora of other crimes). Another result is that Biden’s Lawyers (and family), the University of Pennsylvania, the PBC, and/or their lawyers and agents have all committed or participated in Treason, Bribery and Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The Conduit Method of bribing public officials is further illustrated in the chart below.


{i} Not to be confused with peanut butter cookies (another PBC).
{ii} Immediately by Fox News and Talk Radio. After 10 years by the legacy media.

Conduit Method Illustration

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