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January 6th. Insurrection? We Direct a Few Queries Your Way!


Our beloved House of Representatives, led by the Democrats, is currently holding hearings to “investigate” the January 6, 2021, disturbance at the Capitol building. They feel that this event was a serious “insurrection” presumably against the United States.


Why are they doing this? Well, there are two possibilities as to why the Dems launched this investigation: a) They are concerned that this is a threat to the American way of life and they feel the need to protect the American way of life at all costs; and/or b) they have to gin this disturbance up to a full-fledged insurrection to keep voters’ minds off everything else the Dems have done or their (The Dems, not the voters) ass is grass in November.

Hmmm, we at MOL have noticed that the “investigators” seem to be concentrating entirely on b) and completely ignoring a).

Hmmm #2, How does the January 6, 2021 disturbance compare to the George Floyd/Antifa/BLM riots?

The Queries!

In the spirit of Gay Pride Month, Black Pride Month, Italo-Celtic Pride Month (Okay, we made this one up, those of Italian or Celtic heritage don’t deserve a pride month), and National French Fry Friday, we would like you to examine the below chart so we can direct a few queries your way.

  1. Which of the below disturbances seems more like an insurrection; and
  2. Why aren’t they investigating that one???

P.S. For Further Information on how to Differentiate a Protestor from an Insurrectionist, See Out Post at 

January 6 vs. Insurrection

1 thought on “January 6th. Insurrection? We Direct a Few Queries Your Way!”

  1. I agree completely. Keeping in mind that the LEFT has complete control of the narrative as experienced in the MSM throughout the last 6 years – (blatantly with the Trump bombardment), but going back 30 years before with the Clintons and Obamas gaining a Left Wing presents widening the divisional gap as blatantly wide as it is today in 2023.

    The “Meaning of Lfe” comes in families primarily that recognize what they can maintain in values that God guides each member into valuing! It starts in the spirit of mankind. Democracy itself is fundamental and written in the Bible as a choice God gives each of us to decide. To believe in a greater power or denigh it’s existence. The United States Constitution was founded on the principals of the Bible and an existence of God. And basically the natural laws of civilization then adding to that the principals of the 10 Commandment. And we “Trust God” to guide us through the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

    Today, most people couldn’t name all 10 Commandment, let alone realize how social norms have turned a last minute late term abortion into a decision as innocuous as telling a Starbucks brewmaster you want no sugar in your coffee. Sadly, God’s greatest gift to man (only after the diapers changing stage – LOL) is flushed and disposed of – like last night’s dinner food scraps going into a garbage disposal never to be seen again.

    What I’m building for the world is something to help families learn from loved ones from the past. Communicate with the dead in a way never done before. Being able to ask questions to family members that have passed away and use them as a source of truth in how previous family members lived and experienced great strides in their lives.

    God wants us to cherish life itself and his gift of the journey and above all to love him, the father, the creator, of all we experience before death.

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